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Kelly is an IRONMAN! (AGAIN!)


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Running in the dark

Nighttime on Tempe Town Lake and the run continues. The park is on the Sky Harbor flight path, so there are lights in the sky and the noise of the jets. Especially from now until about 10, since this is prime time for incoming flights. There’s a large first aid station on the other side of the river (Carmen is headed there now, with Kelly not far behind) that is pumping out dance music and over closer to the finish line you can hear cheering in the distance. Up on the elevated path there are floodlights set up. Down here along the lake it’s dark in the shadow of the trees. But even with all of the other noises, you can hear the runner’s footsteps crunching in the sand here along the lake. Some slowed to just a walk, some as fast as their first mile, but all determined. Every footstep another step towards this amazing goal of Ironman. This is truly an awe inspiring group.

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A sweaty hug is a GOOD hug!

That online tracker may be a little behind, but it helped me find Carmen lickety split just now. I double checked the tracker and saw her little blue arrow nearby. I no sooner got out of the hastily parked car (cowbell in hand, naturally) and boom, there she was!

“Does anyone need more cowbell?”, I called.

Laughter and a “yes” from Carmen. One quick sweaty hug later and she was off.

Too dark for a pic as evidence, but she’s doing great!

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No stopping her

As I made my way down a hill to get to the lake where the runners were, I noticed everyone walking up the hill to the water station/stop. I thought “perfect…I can stand here and cheer until I see Kelly, then walk up the hill with her”. Well, no sooner had I started in with my virtuoso cowbell stylings, but here comes Kelly running along the path.

“Did someone ask for MORE cowbell??”, I yelled.

Kelly laughed. And took off sprinting up the hill as I was taking this photo. Couldn’t catch her. No stopping her!


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Run, Forrest, RUN!

Great news – Carmen is OFF the bike and off running!  She did it and made really great time on that bike.  Jen just saw her coming out of the chute and said she looks great! 

Kelly is running past the Tempe Town Marina as I type this.  It’s a gorgeous time of day with the sun coming down lower in the sky and lighting up the water.  There’s one major hill in the marathon portion of this race and Kelly’s already passed it once….two more to go (it’s in Tempe Park, just south of Papago Park).  The only good thing about having to run/bike up a hill is that you get to also run/bike DOWN it!  😎

SWIM & BIKE STATS (note: this is what the website is reporting….although Carmen’s swim time seems long from when we all remember seeing her come out of the water):


Swim total time:  1 hr, 34 min

Bike total time: 6 hr, 56min


Swim total time:  3 hr, 11 min

Bike total time: 6 hr, 28 min

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4:20 update

Hi Everyone,

Quick update for you all.  Carmen is in Tempe and closing in on the transition.  The team at the Tri 2 B Fit cheer tent are anxiously awaiting her arrival! 

Kelly has 4.7 miles of the run completed and the cheer team report that she’s looking a little tired (jeesh, who wouldn’t be?!) but STRONG! 

I finally figured out how to read the website.  It’s telling me that Kelly’s current run speed is 10.22 mpm and Carmen’s current bike speed is 15 mph…..those are two FAST MAMAS!!!

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Kelly is…..

….off the bike and in the transition to the run.  Woo Hoo! 

Oops, quick update……she’s got her shoes on and RUNNING now!  Go, Kelly, GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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Exciting times!

Carmen is approaching the top of the Beeline for the last time at this very moment.  If you are checking in on the site, you see that it’s over 1500 feet, and this has got to be the toughest climb of the bike ride….but it’s her LAST…’s really ALL DOWNHILL from here!  😎  Sending POSITIVE ENERGY to her for this last uphill push!!!

And, Kelly is on Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe right now and heading for the transition!  She’ll be starting out on the run in a few short minutes.  It’s a perfect 70 degrees right now….who’s in the mood for a quick (26 mile) run?!  KELLY IS!!!  😎

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Almost 8 hours

The ladies have been out on the Ironman course for nearly 8 hours now!  I’m so pleased to report that BOTH of them are looking great!  The Tri 2 B Fit cheering squad in Tempe report BIG SMILES, STRONG LEGS, and that both ladies are cycling like it’s just another day in the park….in other words, they are making it look easy!  YAY, Carmen & Kelly!!

Both are right on track with how they were expecting to perform today (HOORAY!)…..Here are the stats, as of about 2:50 pm:

CARMEN:  Is making her last climb up the Beeline.  She’s done 87 miles with 25 left to go! 

KELLY:  Is flying down the Beeling right now.  That means they passed each other again just a little while ago.  Kelly has 103 miles under her belt with just 8 to go!

Photos from the cycling portion of both of our TRI SUPERSTARS with be forthcoming in a separate post later in the day (technology issues….please bear with us!).

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